Travel Agent

Kevin Martin
Martin Travel Services

We do not specialize in making the air and hotel arrangements that complement a fishing trip. Accordingly, we work with Martin Travel Services. Martin Travel Services is very familiar with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge itinerary and can arrange all of your flight and hotel arrangements.

Please call or email Martin Travel Services to book your hotel in Manaus if you have trouble booking a room on your own. You will need a credit card to book your reservation. Martin Travel Services will email you a confirmation.

Brazil Contact Liaison

Ecotur, LMTA 

Lucio Rodrigues
Rua Atila Pedraça n˚ 10, Ouro Verde, Corado3
Cep: 69082-440
Manaus/Amazonas Brasil

U.S. Emergency Contact

Sweetwater Travel Company
Dan Vermillion
PO Box 668
Livingston, MT 59047
Phone: 406.222.0624
Emergency cell phone: 406.223.0066

Brazilian Emergency Contact

Grounds Coordinator in Manaus

Lucio Rodrigues (Available by WhatsApp)
Email: Phone: 55 92 98133-8528

Lodge Manager

Carlos Azevedo in Brazil (Available by WhatsApp)
Email: Phone: +55 95 99117-2039