When most people think of fishing the Amazon, they think of wide, silt-laden rivers. The Agua Boa is different. It flows out of the “mountains” of northern Brazil. Accordingly, during the dry season, the river runs low and clear. Once you have fished the crystal clear-waters of the Agua Boa, you will come to realize why this river has been variously described as “the most exciting, unique fishing location we have visited” and “the best fly fishing experience there is”.

Under normal water conditions, the clarity of the water allows sight casting to cruising peacock bass (Tucunaré) as well as the elusive aruwana as they glide across the fine sandy bottomed shallows. It should be noted that the fishing season is built into the dry season and designed to provide quality water conditions throughout the season. It is, of course, possible that the water conditions will not be “normal” during your week at the lodge. Do not despair, as we shift our fishing into lagoons that are remarkably productive.

Fishing is not just confined to the actual rivers, as much of the fishing takes place in the many lagoons and igara-pé (small creeks) leading off from the main river and also in hidden lakes and ox-bows deep in the rainforest; waters left behind after the rainy season floods. For the sport fisherman, the river is exclusively a fly-fishing water, with a ‘catch and release’ policy using single barb-less hooks. So far, fishermen at the lodge have taken at least eighteen different species of fish on a fly in the waters of the Agua Boa. The Agua Boa is the only fly-fishing only river in Brazil. We can accommodate non-fly fisherman, but even spin fishermen must use flies under floats while fishing the Agua Boa.

In most instances, when the water is a little high the guide can ‘pole’ the fishing boat up shallow creeks that lead off the main river and into interconnecting lakes. On other occasions a walk of no more than a quarter mile (half kilometer) will bring you to these secluded waters. Boats are moored on such lakes for the fishermen’s convenience.

We exercise a strict policy of catch and release to preserve our fish stocks, and only allow the use of single barbless hooks. This has led to a large population of top quality fish. Agua Boa Amazon Lodge caters exclusively to fly fishermen and the Guides have years of training on the river. Two guests share a boat, unless they have booked a single occupancy chalet, and are accompanied by our fully trained and knowledgeable Guides. Subject to availability, guests may request to fish alone, at additional cost. As a result of the efforts of the lodge owner, Lance Ranger, the Agua Boa is the only river in the Amazon which is single hook, barbless, fly fishing only. Spin fishermen are welcome on the river, but they must use single barbless flies under a float with their fishing rod.

All boats are equipped with life jackets and, while not obligatory that they are worn, we highly recommend that these are worn particularly while changing fishing locations on the river. The boats have radio contact with the Lodge at all times.

Fishing the Agua Boa River offers the fly fisherman a trip that they will never forget. It is not just a fishing experience, casting a fly to strange and exotic fish in these pristine waters. They are, in our opinion, the fiercest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly-rod. Unlike most other Amazon fishing destinations, the beautifully clear waters of the Agua Boa, combined with the light sandy bottom, allow sight fishing to cruising Peacock Bass and Arowana. When the river has not dropped, anglers will spend less time in the main river channel and will instead focus upon the lagoons that are attached to the river and literally teeming with fish.