Manaus: The capital city of the Brazilian Amazon.

Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian Amazon, and it is the first stop of your journey to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. On arrival at Eduardo Gomes international airport, you will be met by our grounds coordinator, who will arrange for your transfer to your hotel.

Located just 100 meters in elevation on the left eastern bank of the Rio Negro, Manaus provides the opportunity for numerous excursions into the city or on the Rio Negro. If you arrive during the day or stay there longer than one night, you can visit some of the numerous sights. Manaus has some attractive museums and historical buildings such as the Renaissance style Opera House “Amazon Theatre” which was built at the end of the 19th century. The two city parks and the (small) Zoo are options for relaxing walks.

Brazilian culinary specialties Manaus style are not in short supply in Manaus. Restaurants serve a variety of local fish, beef, rice, and beans being the regional cuisine. For those guests who enjoy a “meat feast”, a visit to the Churrascaria Buffalo is a must. You will be spoiled for choice with different cuts of, beef, lamb, pork, etc cooked and presented to you on the spit. An experience for eyes and palate alike, and it keeps coming until you can’t eat anymore.

The feijoada national dish is a delicious black bean stew with dried meat, smoked sausage, tongue, pig ears, and feet, and is flavored with cloves, bay leaves, pepper, garlic, and onions. The dish is served with rice, toasted manioc flour, kale, and orange slices.

Interested in music? Manaus offers numerous locations with the opportunity to explore the regional styles such as Forró, Axé und Carimbó. Manaus is also considered along with Rio de Janeiro as the second world capital of Samba, there is an annual Carnival which runs from early February through late March.