Flight information

Note about flights: Please be advised that flight schedules do change; plane connections can be missed resulting in a missed charter to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. Please keep in mind that these things are beyond our control. Neither Sweetwater Travel Company, the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, nor any of its affiliated agents will be responsible for any additional costs incurred. We highly recommend some type of travel insurance for situations out of our control.

Transportation in Manaus

Included in the package price: 
The package price includes 3 transfers in Manaus. We are responsible for picking you up upon arrival in Manaus, taking you to the charter the following morning, and transferring you upon the return of your week of fishing either to your hotel or the international airport. If you transfer to your hotel after the week of fishing, it will be your responsibility to get to the airport. Taxis or private cars can be arranged at the hotel.

Not included in the package price: 
Transportation for a large or small group to dinner from the hotel will cost R$50,00 each way per group. We will gladly take you to a hotel after your fishing week is over from the charter, but the transfer from that hotel back to the international airport will be at your own expense. Any taxi to the airport from downtown, or from your hotel will cost approximately R$35,00 each way.

Flight schedule

From Miami to Manaus

You will want to arrive Manaus Friday or Thursday. You will want to book your departure from Miami to Manaus.

From Manaus to Miami
You will want to book your departure from Manaus to Miami on Saturday afternoon after 2 p.m. or early Sunday morning depending on the airline.
American Airlines # 964 (Departs Manaus Saturday evening around midnight)
(Arrival and Departure times are subject to change plus or minus 1 hour) 

Visa and Documents

Since June of 2019, American, Canadian, Japanese, and Australian citizens, do not need a visa to enter in Brazil.  However, government policies in Brazil, or in your home country, may change on short notice.  Please visit the following page for up to date Visa regulations for travel to Brazil:  Brazilian Consulate  or contact Dan Vermillion or Christina Grabowski at the lodge’s reservation office in Montana at (406)222-0624.   We encourage all travelers to ensure that they have satisfied all necessary entry requirements from time to time.

Recommended Vaccinations

No vaccinations are required if you are traveling directly from the United States. However, a Yellow Fever Vaccination. Certificate is required if you have visited in the past 90 days or if you will visit one of the following countries before entering Brazil: Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierre Leone, Sudan and Venezuela.

We do not recommend Malaria pills. Our experience is the side effects can ruin one’s week and there is no history of Malaria on the Agua Boa River. Consult with your doctor on Malaria precautions.

Please check with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta for updated recommendations on vaccinations and medicines needed for the Brazilian Amazon. 
*Please note the CDC website does suggest Malaria pills when traveling to the Amazon.  In our many years on the Agua Boa, we have not had any guests get Malaria.  There is a risk of exposure in more populated areas like Manaus.  Please consult your physician for further guidance.
Center for Disease Control
1600 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30333
Phone: 404.639.3311
Website: www.cdc.gov

Global Rescue & Travel Insurance

All guest are required to purchase Medical Evacuation Insurance prior to departure. We suggest the 7 day plan. Please visit the link below to enroll.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that all guests traveling to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge purchase trip cancellation, travel interruption insurance.