The Ultimate Fly-fishing Adventure

Fly-fishermen from around the world have been astounded and charmed by the spectacular and unspoiled rain forest surroundings and of course also by the ultimate fly-fishing experience of sight-fishing for the jungle’s fiercest fighting fish, the Peacock Bass. In addition to the Peacock Bass, fishermen can fish for the now plentiful Pirarucu, the Piranha, the Aruana, the Pacu, and the countless other species that inhabit the Agua Boa.

Here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we aim to make your entire fly fishing experience even more memorable than ever before. The Agua Boa is the only fly-fishing only stretch of river in Brazil. This coveted designation was granted after lengthy negotiations with the regional government and allows us to provide quality fishing throughout the season. All of our fishing is done with single, barbless hooks. We think the proof of the success of our approach lies with the fact that our anglers’ catch rates do not fluctuate between the beginning of the season and the end.

Our aim is for you to enjoy every minute of your stay, from arrival until the minute you leave. We hope you will agree that once you have visited the Agua Boa, every other jungle fishing experience will seem dull in comparison.

About the Agua Boa River

The fishery on the Agua Boa River is in our twenty years of exploration the best we have encountered. It is perfectly suited to fly-fishing. When at normal levels, the water is so clear, that most strikes are visible and a good percentage of your days will be spent sight fishing. It should be noted, however, that the sight fishing opportunities are dependent on light and water levels. Many anglers visit the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge strictly to sight fish for peacock bass, giant arapaima, arowana, pacu and a host of other jungle species. While it does limit the productivity of your day, the experience of sight fishing to peacocks on white sand is we think something no fly fisherman should miss.
It should also be noted that Agua Boa is the Amazon’s first fly-fishing only peacock bass lodge. Single barbless hooks and catch and release are required of all guests.

To understand peacock bass, you need to first consider their habitat. Most everything in the Amazon is being eaten or is in the process of eating something else. As a general rule fish in the Amazon are built tough with razor-sharp teeth or brutal strength. This makes for interesting fishing as some fish will cut you off and others will pull you straight into the structure and tangle you up. Peacock bass do not have the razor-sharp teeth, but there is not a fish that is tougher in freshwater. They are happy to break rods and the toughest mono trying to get away.

Peacock habits vary to a large degree depending on the size of the fish. Small to mid-size peacocks tend to congregate around structure for both food and protection. Large peacocks tend to feel a little more comfortable in not getting eaten by predators. Over time they become bullies and roam the lagoons and river channels in packs.

Peacock bass are a pursuit predator, which means that they will keep after their prey until it is either in their belly or on the shore. It is not uncommon to have large peacocks drive shoals of baitfish onto the shore. Believe it or not, we have seen peacocks fly out of the water in unsuccessful attempts to get small birds. Certainly, it sounds ridiculous. After your trip, our guess is that you will believe it.

Weather and Water

Please visit for updates on the weather in Boa Vista. Please enter Boa Vista Brazil when performing your search.

Water Levels in Brazil go through a ten-year cycle, most years the lowest water of the year coincides with January, February, March, and April. It should be noted though that in a normal ten-year cycle there will be weeks, months or even seasons where the water levels don’t drop to the point where sight fishing is possible. During these times the fishing can still be good with catches ranging from 6 fish a day per boat to over 100.

When the water is dropping, whatever its level, the fishing can be great. However, even when the river is low the water level rises rapidly the fishing can shut off completely. It is difficult to predict and is one of the risks associated with fishing the Amazon. If you are not comfortable with the risk of the river levels being high or too low during your trip, then it is probably not the trip for you. You will not be issued a refund for water conditions that may not meet your expectations. In the event the water is too high to fish on any given week, the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge will re-schedule your week to a later time, but will not refund your trip payment.

Regulation and Conservation

The Agua Boa Amazon Lodge’s stretch of the river is the only fly-fishing only, single hook, barbless water in the Amazon. This unprecedented level of protection ensures that the fish in the river are not subject to excessive wear and tear from multiple sets of treble hooks, but also ensures that the fishing on the Agua Boa remains solid throughout the season. Fishing for peacock bass and giant arapaima is all catch and release with single hooks. From time to time, the Lodge will harvest a few fish on the river for dinner. Do not harvest any large fish, as we would like to keep those in the river for the guests who follow. * The Agua Boa is a great place to learn how to fly fish. The hosts and guides are great instructors. Anglers who are physically unable to fly-cast should let us know ahead of time so that accommodations can be made. For those anglers, we use a bobber, weight, and flies. Plugs and conventional tackle cannot be used by law.