Getting to Manaus

You will need to arrive into Manaus on Thursday or Friday.  You will depart for the lodge at 6 a.m. on Saturday. After your week of fishing you’ll need to book your departure flight home and out of Manaus after 2 p.m. the following Saturday.  When booking your flights to Manaus please consider arriving a day early to avoid missing the charter flight or purchase travel insurance.  It’s a good idea to give yourself plenty of time in between connecting flights and an extra night in Manaus upon arrival.  If you miss the charter flight the cost is over $4,300 to arrange for a private flight into the lodge.  We do not offer trip refunds or rainchecks due to travel delays. We do not hold the charter flight for delayed guests.

Suggested Airlines from Florida FLL and MIA (non-stop to Manaus)

Azul Airlines

GOL Airlines

Arrival into Manaus (Thursday or Friday)

After you exit customs you will be met by Lucio, our grounds coordinator for the lodge.  Lucio will take very good care of you in Manaus.  You will exit the airport and take the lodge van to your hotel.  You will need to book your own hotel reservations in Manaus. The hotel in Manaus is not included in the package price.  Please coordinate with your group about which hotel everyone has booked in Manaus.  Upon arrival Lucio will confirm your meet time on Saturday morning and he can help you with dinner reservations in Manaus.

Hotel Recommendations in Manaus:

Intercity Hotel  Intercity Hotel, Manaus

Hotel Villa Amazonia Hotel Villa Amazonia, Manaus (Please enter Manaus for the city)

City Tour of Manaus

We’d be happy to arrange a city tour for you in Manaus. You can either book it ahead of time, or let Lucio know upon arrival in Manaus. He will arrange for an English speaking/ certified tour guide to meet you at your hotel. The cost is about $130 per person which includes a full day tour, ground transportation, a river boat tour, lunch on the river. US Cash is accepted and collected before the tour. They do not accept older $100 bills in Brazil so please make sure it’s a newer bill. You will spend most of the day on a boat so pack a small dry back with a rain jacket, bug spray or wipes, a bottle of water and a little cash for the market. You will be able to buy gifts at the market. Please tip your tour guide at the end of the day.


The private charter flight into the lodge departs at sunrise or around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.  You will be met at your hotel around 5 a.m. by our ground crew and then transferred to the airport to meet the charter. The charter company is not at the main airport in Manaus.  It is at a private airport in Manaus. The flight is an hour and a half and you should arrive at the lodge at 8:30 a.m.

Arrival to the Lodge
The guides will help you with your bags and transport you to your bungalow upon arrival. Breakfast will be served along with a champagne reception. Morning is free to unpack and get settled in.  You will fish a half-day on Saturday upon arrival.

Full Fishing Days (Sunday through Friday)

Coffee is available around 6 a.m. in the lodge. Breakfast will be served around 7 a.m. You will be responsible for making your own lunch each morning before or after you have breakfast. A sandwich bar will be set out to make your own lunch. Please take your lunch with you after breakfast to put in your guide’s cooler. Your guide will have water and drinks for you in the cooler. You will spend six days fishing different river channels, inland lakes and lagoons. Each guide specializes in one or two particular zones or beats. If you decide to switch fishing partners during the week there is a chance you will fish the same zone twice. If you do not want to fish the same zone twice it is important to keep the same fishing partner throughout the week. Each morning at the dock you will give your guide your rods and lunch. Please keep your flies, tippet and leaders handy for your guide. After fishing each day you will return back to the lodge for drinks, appetizers and swimming. Dinner is served around 7 p.m. each night. Please place your dirty laundry in the hamper before dinner. They will pick up your dirty laundry during dinner time each night. You will get your clothes returned the next day after fishing.

Departure from the lodge (Saturday)

Saturday morning breakfast at the lodge. Please book your flight out of Manaus after 2:00 pm. Lucio or Joseph will meet you at the private airport upon arrival in Manaus and take you to the international airport or to your hotel in Manaus depending on your departure time. They will have your itinerary information. The private airport is 20 minutes away from the international airport if there is no traffic.

Departure from Manaus: 
You can depart Manaus on Saturday (after 2 p.m.) or later in the evening. A lodge representative will take you to your hotel if you are staying overnight in Manaus or would like to rest at the hotel until your departure out of Manaus.

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