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The gods of fishing have certainly been busy at the Água Boa river, spreading their light and illuminating our beautiful water for those fortunate enough to cast a fly here this Season.
Since our very first week in October this year the fishing has remained at a level that has satisfied the hopes and expectations of all those who have visited us.
The days turn into weeks, and the weeks become months … And in every new group of fishermen the smile remains, because the experience of fishing in the Água Boa requires only a very small sacrifice for a great reward…
This week the weather was stable, the rain did not appear and the gentle wind has kept the days at a pleasant temperature and humidity.
And the fishing…. which is the main reason why our guests visit us.
Once again the number of fish between 10 and 18 lbs was very good, with each of our fishermen experiencing the intense pulling power of our fighting Tucunarés, and that wonderful sense of accomplishment of bringing specimen peacocks to the boat.
…. followed by beautiful photo with a magnificent fish.
So…Cast…Strip…Set the hook…And enjoy the fish on the end of the line…!!

And about the ‘pirarucu’… our gorgeous prehistoric giant arapaimas. Something crazy has happened this season!! These fish continue to be very active and each week offer many opportunities to our guests.
Sometimes these opportunities are converted into ‘fish of a lifetime’ photo opps for our guests…. others will have to visit us again in order to finally experience that incredible privilege of touching this primeval life form.
They are out there, a few days, hungry, sometimes indifferent, but always remaining a huge pleasure to observe in the water, so extremely beautiful and a truly great creature to observe in this, their natural habitat.
And in this season they are spread throughout our river system.

Congratulations Mike,for the two marvellous Pirarucu you landed this week.

Another really fantastic moment was experienced this week by Terry and Justin… “Terry had just caught a small tucunaré and was bringing it to the boat when suddenly from nowhere a large Red Tail catfish loomed up from the deep, and without any ceremony swallowed the small tucunaré whole!”
Nature at its best…
We hope that all the experiences and emotions lived and re-lived over the week, will bring our guests back to visit us again in the years ahead…

And for this week our advice, will not be about fishing preparations …
Be prepared for fishy opportunities whenever they arise, and do not be sad if you miss some of them!
The kindhearted river gods of our beautiful Água Boa will surely bring you another chance very soon!

There’s always another day tomorrow!!

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