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Another excellent fishing week here at the Água Boa has come to a successful conclusion.

…and what a wonderful week it has been!!

The main characters may change, but the scenery and story continues the same.

Again the rain has made its presence felt for a few moments, refreshing the spirits and bodies of our guests, and leaving the climate with a mild and pleasant tone. However, these light rain showers did not prevent our fishers from experiencing the exquisite delicacies of casting for wild Tucunaré (our indigenous peacock bass) in this beautiful river, nor did the rain dampen the excitement and the daily challenge of seeing how many species of fish can be fished-for here at the Água Boa.

Mike, brought us a group from Colorado, who lived fulfilling days, victorious days and, even, for a few moments, some defeats….. for when up against our fighting Tucunaré, we cannot always conquer.
Once again the number of fish between 10 and 18 lbs was generous, and our guests had, during the week, plenty of fish in that exciting weight range.

How could we not be satisfied…?

As in every previous week of this season, our Giant Arapaima again showed their strengths, awakening deep emotions in our fishers…. a ‘magnificent seven’ of our prehistoric Pirarucu attacked the fly, with three coming ‘all-the-way-in’ to pose with our victorious guests for a ‘lifetime achievement’ picture!

More beautiful photos to cherish forever!!

Mike has been fishing the Água Boa for ten years, and in the two weeks that he has spent with us this Season, had the joy of landing two giant arapaima…. in each week!

A double-double first!!!

Well done, Mike… And congratulations… See you next Season!

Once again, and we never get tired of mentioning it….the importance of bringing strong long-fingered gloves and/or stripping fingers, these small details will make a huge difference during your week with us.
It is always good to be prepared for any eventuality…

…because eventualities happen here at the Água Boa!

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