On: February 29, 2020 In: Fishing Reports

Over the course of the season new words are difficult to find to describe beautiful moments or actions that happen here so regularly every week.
Even if the actors are different, the scenario continues the same and the script has no major changes!

Now, returning to the week just ended, we can only say that it was again a week of expectations exceeded.

Fishing continues with the same ‘at its best’ quality and the river continues, every day, to display a fresh exuberance by revealing new golden beaches which reflect the ever-present sun that bathes us with its light.

A very good number of fish above 10 lbs were landed by our guests. We are talking about more than 10 fish every day with that weight this week, with the biggest being a beautiful specimen of 18 lbs!
That is not to mention an excellent Arapaima of between 80lbs and 100 lbs, landed by our friend Layne Hepworth in an incredible performance with a 7 weight rod…
Well done Layne!…..

Once more our wildlife demonstrated its magnificence… monkeys, jaguars and other animals were present for the avid eyes of our guests.

It was just another ordinary week at the the extraordinary Água Boa…!

Even with dry weather and with a breeze during the day, the no-see-ums can still be quite bad at times. We therefore recommend you to bring insect repellent. It is also good to have a simple, over the counter, anti-histamine or cortizone cream handy, in case bites appear on your skin.

Everything is new, and nothing is new … The most magnificent events just seem to be repeated here time after time… the moments of the past are also moments of the future …

Until next week.

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