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Greetings Peacock fans, and bem vindo once again to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. As usual, last week’s fishing was excellent. Low water conditions persist, and sight-fishing action is the rule. Our guests last week were a mix of newbies and some grizzled veterans, and all enjoyed amazing fishing and adventure in the wilds of the Equatorial Jungle paradise we call home.

Those of you who follow the Report regularly will recognize a couple of characters from last week’s roster: Chris Nischan and Tom “Doc” Dempsey. These two friends were here on their 16th (!) annual visit to the Agua Boa. Tom and Chris always infuse their adventures with healthy dose of prankster spirit, and any week with them in camp is full of surprises. Last week featured, among other delights, fake snakes in the toilet, “Chester” the inflatable hunk, Doctor Gandalf the Grey, Kim Jong Un, and on the last night of the week, guests and staff were treated to a visit from the immortal (and svelte) King of Rock-n-Roll, himself!

In between all the hijinks and capers, the fishing continued to steal the show. A few highlights of the week included Doc subduing a nice Piarucu, a 45-minute session of lights-out Payara action, an insane afternoon Butterfly popper frenzy, and of course plenty of trophy Acu to keep everyone on point. Enjoy a couple of shots here of Tom Dempsey’s Pirarucu and a beautiful big Acu landed by Rusty Alexander and his lovely companion, Nancy Margeson.

The last week was notable as well for a profusion of Traiera in the daily catch. These toothy wolves are savage and mean, leading to some tense moments when removing the barbless fly from their powerful jaws. It’s mandatory to check the integrity of your leader after every encounter with one of these bad dogs. Checkout this close-up mugshot if you have any doubts.

As we roll into the home stretch of the season here at the lodge, the guides are still showing a clear preference for the intermediate line as the best all-around choice. We’ve been putting the RIO Jungle Taper lines through their paces this season and found them ideal for our fishery. However, this place is really hard on any fly line, what with Piranhas, Traiera, Dogfish, and many other toothy critters taking a swipe, and the inevitable twisting of your running line. We recommend that you invest in several backups: Bring at least two (three is better) RIO Jungle Taper Intermediate Lines, along with one floating and one heavy sink tip (RIO Leviathan or similar) to have the ideal quiver of arrows for your full week of fishing.

Thanks as always for checking in with the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. We look forward to seeing you here on the banks of the fabulous Rio Agua Boa. Long Live the King of Rock-n-Roll!

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