On: January 22, 2020 In: Fishing Reports

What an intense and incredible week!

Not only did the water levels continue to drop discernibly, the fishing showed itself at its best.

The visitation of a well known group of our old fishing friends, brought with them exactly the right energies to the river this week!

….and it seems that these energies were transmitted to the fish!
They seemed even more attracted to our colorful flies than usual!

Not only the number of captured fish was amazing! Each day over 15 fish above 10 lbs left extremely happy smiles all over the faces of each of our guests.
Larger fish, of 18 lbs and 17 lbs, also created ideal photo opportunities… great work and congratulations Phil and Tom!

Everyday this week more beaches started to emerge from the river, and these same, ever more transparent waters have offered a vision of the Agua Boa aquarium, where the fish swim in clear view for us all to see.

A big “Thank You” again to the May family (Fred and Cyndy and your lovely friends and relations!).
You have, over the years, always extended to us your warm hands of friendship and you remain in our hearts, not only as an excellent group of fishermen, but also as a marvellous family.

Also during this week we received the visit of two magnificent big cats…. nothing less than a black jaguar and a spotted Jaguar that each lingered for an eternity in the camera lenses of our friends David Baldauf and Leo Stern. Congratulations on your fantastic video David and on your still pictures Leo. These images should find their way into a wildlife photography competition.

What else to say:

It was quite a week in true Água Boa style…

Stand by for another episode of action and adventure coming soon!

Your Agua Boa Team.

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