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Greetings Peacocks Fans! Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. This week’s edition covers the amazing fishing week of January 19th through the 26th 2019. There is a lot to report from last weeks fishing including more Payara, Pirarucu and Arowana success here on the incredible Agua Boa River. Last weeks group was hosted by the husband and wife team of Randy Richter and Terri Claire in conjunction with Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures. This was Randy and Terri’s second visit to fish with us at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and they accumulated a big-time list of species landed during their two visits. They keep a very detailed record of species landed and over their two visits they have racked up a total of 23 species. What an amazing fishery, congratulations Randy and Terri. Enjoy a few shots of Randy and a Payara and Terri with a Pirarucu!

It is great to celebrate the diversity of our world class fishery and all that it has to offer in terms of variety. However, we would be remiss to not point out what has really put us on the map as an angling destination, which is the amazing Peacock Bass fishing that we have here on the Agua Boa River. Last weeks fishing was once again full of great numbers and quality fish. The group continued to land fish over ten pounds with great frequency and land fish in the teens one and all. In addition, they took advantage of the intense action from popper fishing. We have reported on it before but it is a good reminder to highlight what a party it is to cast a popper from the middle of the boat when the lead angler is hooked up on a fish. Check out a shot of Jim Chell and Ron Smith and another of Brett Kramer and Steve Hale with great doubles.

Technical Tip: We have reported on the quality of the fly lines that are being produced to service our fishing needs here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. The new line designs are wonderful right out of the box, their short front tapers allow anglers to shoot long casts and big flies with ease. Yet at the same time that sweet casting taper also allows anglers to spin their running line to the point of utter frustration. However, that is in large part very preventable. In addition to the stubby tapers of many line models, there are three main factors that contribute to spinning lines. First the tendency to overpower the forward cast causes the fly to spin at a great rate therefore spinning the line, so relax and make a smooth, more fluid forward cast. Second the over gripping of the line between the casting hand and rod cork throughout the stripping/ retrieving process does not allow the line to unspin in any way and therefore creates a “rats” nest at your feet. So, loosen your grip. Finally, over the years we have discussed a length how difficult it is to shoot line while you are standing on it. Well the other point to that is, if you are standing on yourline, don’t use your foot to brush it away…why? Because it spins your line even more when you roll it between the bottom of your foot and the deck of the boat, just simply use your hand to move your line away from your foot!

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

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