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The good news of the week:

The water level is continuing to drop at a clearly discernible rate and we are back to our ‘normal’ river levels at this point in our season..

With a wave of her wand, Mother Nature has spoken and our “Tucunarés” have magically become more aggressive. They are now showing themselves in really good numbers up and down the river and are very regularly demonstrating all their power and exuberance to our fishing guests.

Every new morning as I gaze upon this magnificent river, a new part of the margin appears, and a visible line clearly shows how much the water level has lowered.

What about the fishing?

The number of fish that presented to the fly, and those that have been bested and offered themselves to be photographed, has increased considerably, to the satisfaction and delight of our guests.

The river beaches are also getting wider, offering greater stretches of sand … literally glowing in the summer equatorial sun.

As the sand banks increase in size, the more the number of animals and birds come out of the jungle to populate them. Be ready with your camera in your lap as you travel up and down our river… a jaguar may be just around the next bend ..!

As the water levels have settled to their more usual levels, not only the numbers but also the sizes of the captured fish are perfectly in line with what we have come to expect as normal for this time of year.

The number of fish species hooked and brought to the boat was even greater this week too. After all we have three types of Peacock: Borbaleta Butterflies), Paca, and Tucunaré Azul, as well as Aruwana; Arapaima; Payara (Vampire fish); Traiira (Wolf fish); Oscars; Jacunda; Surabim (catfish); Pirapitinga; Matrincha; Piranha and many many more. Although no Arapaima were captured this week, we hope to stir up this pre-historic denizen of the waters to produce yet more extraordinary and unforgettable photographic moments really soon!

For the next groups that will visit us, we can only say “Prepare your fishing and camera equipment carefully, and make sure you don’t forget anything, including rehydration salts and anti-histamine ointment for those rare but irritating bug bites…

….and most importantly:
Be Prepared for Unforgettable Moments …

See you soon!

Your Agua Boa Team.

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