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Ola Pescadores! Bem-vindo de volta para o Fishing Report do Agua Boa Amzon Lodge. We had another great week of fishing last week and more importantly than that, we had so much fun that it shouldn’t be legal. One of our specialties at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is laughter and last week we took it to the next level.

It is easy to do that when you have legendary fly-fishing guru Harry Robertson on the scene. His ability to crack you up is uncanny and his contagious humor makes it a fun time for all. Harry isn’t only hysterical and fun loving but he is also one of the finest casting instructors in America. Every evening last week Harry’s anglers took advantage of his instruction by fine tuning their casts for the following days fishing. Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Intern, Brad Phillips also took advantage of Harry’s tutelage by participating in daily casting seminars and learning from Harry’s vast knowledge of the fly-fishing world. Enjoy a shot of Brad getting a casting lesson and another shot of our intern helping David Whitney break down his rods after the weeks fishing. We hate to state the obvious but the only way to catch a fish on a Popper is to fish a Popper.

That doesn’t mean that you try it for twenty minutes and then call it good. It requires a little bit more effort than that…a half day minimum. Well, veteran Agua Boa angler Chuck Moos knows what it takes and reaped the benefits of some fantastic Popper fishing last week. He also took advantage of the great Pacu fishing that we have every morning at the dock. A hopper dropper set up is the best set up for Pacu fishing, so remember to bring your nymph box and some 3x tippet to hook up with some Pacu before breakfast. Enjoy a shot of Chuck with a nice Tucanare-Acu! The rainy cycle remained with us the first part of last week but seemed to break its pattern towards the end of the week. We are now in what seems to be a more typical January weather pattern with partly sunny skies, moderate breeze and hot afternoons. The water levels on the Agua Boa River remain higher than average but with the change in weather have started to drop quickly.

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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