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Bem Vindo, Peacock Fans, to the final installment for the 2016-17 season of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. Unseasonable rains have continued throughout the last week leading the river to approximate wet-season conditions. While a yo-yo-ing river level definitely made some days slower than others, everyone last week got to enjoy some sessions of incredible peacock fly fishing action. Two anglers, Anthony Rissoli and Geoff “Larry” Gould, had a lifetime day around midweek when head guide, Joseph, clawed his way into a seldom fished laguna which turned out to be filled with large hungry peacocks.

By the time they putted out of there to head home, they had landed 51 fish including several in the 10-lb+ range. Not bad for “high water!” Here’s a shot of “Larry” photobombing the pic of one of Anthony’s trophies.

As we wrap up the season, everyone at the lodge is excited to get home to their families and friends outside of the little universe that is the Agua Boa. Our dedicated professional staff of locals deserves extra kudos for the amazing level of service and enthusiasm they bring to their work throughout the long six-month season. With few exceptions, they have all devoted many years to this special place. From the guides to the yard director, from the kitchen staff to hospitality and housecleaning, these are the people that truly set this lodge apart.

So to Juarez, Irmao, Bacaba, Preto, Ricardo, Samuel, Joseph, Caboclo, John, Kelry, Dalva, Jonathan, Susanne, Loura, and Socorro, we send a heartfelt, “Muito Obrigado!”

As we look ahead to next season, we’re already getting excited. Higher than normal conditions this season, while sometimes frustrating in the short term are actually the best thing that we could have hoped for the system. After the previous few years of drought conditions, the “reboot” to the system provided by having the river up in the trees for so long should mean incredible fishing when it all comes back down (as it inevitably does). It’s never too early to make your plans to visit this special spot in the Equatorial Amazon and wet a line on one of the best fisheries on earth.

From all of us here at Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, we look forward to seeing you on the water in 2017-18!

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