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Happy New Years and thanks for checking our first edition of the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report for 2019! Like fisheries worldwide, the Agua Boa River thrives in years when there is an abundance of water in the offseason. In July and August of 2018, there was a long and consistent period of flooding which was a huge benefit to our beloved fishery. Anglers that have visited here so far this season have been impressed with the large quantity of fish overall, including the great number of fish from eight to twelve pounds.

The New Year week also delivered as promised and provided a ton of sight fishing for the group. The river levels are in a sweet spot to provide the world class sight fishing that the Agua Boa is known for but at the same time carries enough volume to be able to easily access all the various sections of river that our guides love to fish. We have also continued to fish our numerous interior lakes, bays and lagoons.

The New Years week was also a very special week because we hosted our junior peacock expert and fly-fishing machine thirteen-year-old Jackson Wanderer. Jackson has been fishing the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge since he was eight years old and has a pretty impressive catalog of monster Peacocks landed over the years. He also has an exceptional record sight fishing for Arowana as well. However, in recent years Jackson has put Pirarucu on his priority list and spent a lot of time focusing on them last week. With one strike and no hook-ups Jackson has to leave his Pirarucu dreams for another trip, but no doubt he will eventually succeed. Enjoy a shot of Jackson with a nice Arowana and another shot with a monster Peacock bass. Right on Jackson!


From Junior angler to the Elder Statesman of Peacock Bass it was nice to once again welcome back Mr. Paul Lavins to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. Paul has spent more weeks here than any other sport angler in the history of the Lodge. It is always wonderful to be in his presence on and off the river, a true gentleman. Enjoy a shot of a beautiful Paca posing with Paul and Bacaba.

Thank you for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Report and we look forward to seeing you here soon!

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