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This week we were able to welcome more old friends, some guests who have fished our beautiful Água Boa for more than 10 years.

Over the years they have seen the river in all its moods… the good bad and even (rarely!) the downright ugly!
Indeed they have experienced several of the river’s cycles of high and low waters.
But this season we are delighted to announce that our guests are experiencing again the very best that the Água Boa can offer.

Each day that passes a new beach, or a little more of an old, appears … the water is perfectly low and crystal clear, absolutely normal for this time of year.

The number of fish captured this week more than fulfilled the expectations of our guests old and new.

Each day’s fishing brought new and positive experiences… the largest peacock of the week was a tununaré Açu of 18lbs, which offered a very strong fight to our friend David.

And as in previous weeks, our population of Pirarucu (giant arapaima) showed themselves to our fly-fishers. Two were caught, the largest of them with a weight of 62 lbs.

Other species of fish were also captured, as red tail catfish, Arowana, traira, dog fish, etc… Being the variety one of the attractive of our river.

Every week of this season, a minimum of two arapaimas have been captured, an unprecedented number even for us who have spent many seasons here at the Água Boa.

John was the lucky fisherman to land and take a couple of pictures of his arapaima! Congratulations…

The weather continued largely dry this week with a few days in which the clouds hid the sun, but without rain.

Again we remind our guests who will be visiting us in the coming weeks to bring tippet of 40 or 50 lbs hard mono in preference. Our fish take no prisoners!!!

Striping guards or gloves are something you will also want to have with you. There’s nothing more guaranteed to take the fun out catching a great fish than a line burned finger!! And don’t forget to stock up on electrolyte salts …

As I write these words and gaze out across the river, I can hear its voice calling to me… promising more memorable moments ahead for our visitors!

I will let you know all about those next week…

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