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Greetings Peacock Fans! Welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report. This week we are reporting on the excellent week of fishing from November 11th-18th. Once again, the fishery on the Agua Boa River has produced another excellent week of fishing with an abundance of hard fighting Peacock Bass. We have also seen a great variety, in terms of the numbers of species that were landed this past week.

In last week’s report, we noted that we were seeing Arowana on the lower river and expected to see a lot more in the coming weeks. Well, the prediction was wrong. Arowana did not pour into the lower river as predicted. However, there are still plenty of shots out there river wide. What we did see more of last week, was the appearance of Payara into the system. Granted the Payara only group in a few spots system-wide, the Agua Boa Anglers were able to land a hand full of Payara last week. Enjoy a shot of Brad Staples with an Agua Boa Payara. As mentioned we have had an abundance of species caught last week by our guests.

Landing a total of 14 different species throughout the week. Most notably Pirarucu, Payara, Triara, and Matrinxa. Once again check out a shot of Brad, showing off an Agua Boa Treira. Although our prediction about the Arowana fishing was a bit off base. We were right about the increase in sight fishing. We are now at the point in the season where blind casting is not a necessity to catching Peacock Bass here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge. However, we still do encourage our guests to continue to do a bit of blind casting.

After all, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to lay a cast into a brushy area or deep slot. Enjoy a shot of Donavan Boudreaux with a 19.5 lb bruiser he caught sight fishing last week. Right on Donavan! One of the other benefits of dropping water is that we are able to take advantage of more and more wade fishing opportunities. Wade fishing the fine sand beaches of the Agua Boa River is a great way to fish especially throughout the heat of the day. However, we should remind anglers that there are freshwater stingrays in the river system and they can ruin your trip if stung by one.

Therefore, we would like to remind you to watch where you are wading, don’t wade too deep and shuffle your feet. Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report, and we look forward to seeing you here soon.

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