On: December 4, 2019 In: Fishing Reports

Even with the water level above normal for this time of year, the fishing results were substantially in line with our high expectations.

With an average catch of between 10 and 40 fish per boat, per day throughout the week, each of our guests had plenty of ‘tight-line moments’ to cherish and take home!

Even in difficult conditions, our visitors managed to capture a fair number of fish between 10 and 15lbs with the biggest peacock of the week, weighing in at a healthy 17 lbs.

The good news is that the river has stopped rising, has stabilized and at the time of writing has even started to go back down!

Indeed the last four days of this week were of intense sunshine. The conditions are settling in for some auspicious and exciting fishing just ahead!

The high point of the week was the capture of a beautiful Pirarucu that Mike proudly displays below.. too big to hold up!

He describes the moment…
It was a beautiful fight with some acrobatic cartwheels! The crowning moment of my week”.

We continue to recommend you to bring sinking lines and intermediate lines as well as your floating lines at the moment and for at least the next couple of weeks. As for tippet, try to bring material of at least 40 pounds hard mono.

AND…please don’t forget to bring gloves and stripping fingers, you are going to find it very important to wear these during your time here!

Meanwhile, it is the great pleasure of our entire Água Boa staff to serve your every needs wherever possible, helping to make each week a memorable week for our guests.

Meanwhile, our local Amazonian wildlife continues regularly to show itself to the delight of our customers: Tapir, woolly and howler monkeys, pink dolphins, giant otters as well as our extremely varied birdlife … all showed themselves to our delighted visitors.
Thank you Mother Nature for our beautiful Agua Boa. We enjoy it in all its glory…. whatever the weather!

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