On: November 16, 2019 In: Fishing Reports

One more week has come to an end and we say farewell to a group of friends who visit us year after year.

They have deep knowledge of our river and our fantastic fish, and once again did not leave disappointed.

Maggie Taylor who has been visiting us for over 10 years, confessed that this year she has had her best week ever, not only in numbers but in size, too. She left the lodge celebrating the capture of a beautiful Tucunaré of 18 lbs.

This season so far, the weather has been mild and the cloud cover has been our constant companion. Whilst reducing the problems of sunburn, on the other hand, the ‘no-see-ums’ are more active, so insect repellent is an item not to forget!

Our beautiful river has also been generous as to the variety and number of species on offer in these first weeks of the season, including an amazing Arapaima of 90 lbs last week…

Tucunaré (Peacocks), Pirarucu (Giant Arapaima), Arowana, Payara, Oscar, and many more varieties … even some Catfish on the fly.
Every cast is a voyage of adventure as we never know what can appear on the other end of our line.

So, let’s see what next week will bring….!

Thank you, Phill, Chuck, Maggie, Bob, John, and all our other guests for visiting and fishing with us year after year.

Your Agua Boa Team

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