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Greetings Peacock fans and welcome back to the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report! As predicted we had an amazing week of fishing last week with a super fun group of guests. We would especially like to thank Barbara and Archie Adams for putting the group together and making it a great week. It may sound cliche but Archie Adams is one of those guys who has “fished all over the world.” However, he has taken it one step further not only has he “fished all over the world,” but when he was done, he did it again and then one more time after that! It is a real compliment to the team here at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge that we have been put on a short list of Archie’s favorite destinations. We are proud to get an endorsement from such a legendary angler.

Thanks Barbara and Archie, we already look forward to seeing you next year. Enjoy a shot of Archie and Coboclo with a nice Arowana! The water levels on the Agua Boa River continue to plummet. In fact, throughout all of last week the river dropped about another foot and continues to drop. The result being that we are in the sweet spot for great fishing! The popper fishing has turned on, the numbers of fish landed has been abundant and we are getting more and more sight fishing daily. Agua Boa anglers have also been catching fish in the teens regularly. Check out a shot of a hard fighting 13 pounder that Archie and Caboclo landed sight fishing. A few weeks ago, we recommended that best line to use on the Agua Boa is a 200 or 300 sink tip. However, we are happy to announce a change in the line up…get it, line up.

Day in and day out the guides prefer the clear tip intermediate lines more than anything. In fact, some of our guests used floating lines exclusively last week and had great fishing. So, the official recommendation from us at the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge for upcoming groups is to have a 15ft clear tip intermediate line for your starting line. Then either a 200 or 300 for occasional use in the lakes and lagoons.

Technical Tip: Ok folks let’s talk a little bit more about lines. Now it is not uncommon to get a new line before a trip but we just want to put one thing out there…….why not bring two new lines? Yes, spend the extra $90 and have a new line to swap out by Wednesday. It may sound like an excessive expense but just think about how sweet it is to have a new line? Keep in mind a couple facts, the lines that we are using today, which cast large flies wonderfully, have short heads with a lot of punch but also have a tendency to spin. Couple that fact with the fact that the large flies also have a tendency to spin the line. Plus the fact that when casting under limbs and branches there is a tendency to overpower your forward cast which…..yes you guessed…..spins your line!!!! So, with all spinning, by Wednesday afternoon you have a junk pile of spun line at your feet and a running line that won’t shoot through your guides. Yes, you can cut the fly off and un-spin it behind the boat or stretch it on the lawn, but each time it re-spins quicker than the time before. So, put on a new line and finish the week casting like a hero again!

Thanks for checking the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge Fishing Report and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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