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Dear Peacock fans

Nature is extraordinary, and no matter how accustomed we are with it, it always surprises us.
This week she allowed us the joy of letting one of her most beautiful creatures appear for our fishermen friends.
Charles and Tommy were the lucky ones that for brief moments could behold a magnificent specimen of a Jaguar.
On the fishing side there is little unusual to add, since every week here is somehow extraordinary.
Our fishermen friends had a week we consider very good, not only because of the number of fish captured and returned to nature, but also for the size of them.
17.5 lbs was the largest of the week, and it’s worth noting … 17.5 lbs for us is 17.5 lbs and not 18 or 19 lbs. Here our guides do not boost the weight or size of the captured fish, and this honesty has kept us at the top for long years.
That said, each of our visitors had the experience of fighting with more than one fish above 14 lbs.
Some battles have been overcome, whereas, for others it was the fish that won. As in life, between gains and losses, what counts is the experience and what we take from the moment.
The water level is very good, not too high, not too low, despite the river dropping a little every day.
Now eighty percent of caught fish are seen before the fisherman makes the cast, you can’t get better than that!
Our recommendation is still to bring intermediate and floating lines,and flies between 3 and 5 inches.
Good polarized sunglasses will also help a lot in the current conditions. When the river is low and the water clear you need good sunshades to spot the fish. It also helps to be more accurate trying to cast to the fish.
Thank you to all of our visitors old and new, for sharing their beautiful week with us. I hope we have provided them good experiences. For sure here at the Água Boa Amazon Lodge we all do our best…

Your Água Boa Team

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    • Peter
    • March 20, 2022
    • Reply

    I loved my visit to Agua Boa, and I look forward to returning. That is me in the green hat above. It is fun for me to set the record straight that Joseph guided me to a 19.5 pound Temensis peacock bass during the week of the 12th. It ate the same green/white SS Minnow shown in the mouth of the smaller fish in the photo above. Thanks again Joseph and Carlos!

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