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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

The end is near… Not the end of the dream or the incessant wonders of Água Boa, but of an arduous season due to the low water level, but a season that also rewarded those who were persistent and showed their qualities to the fish.

There the symbiotic relationship between the fisherman and the fish, produced unforgettable and memorable moments.

But, it’s not the end of the season yet, there’s still another week to go, and we remain focused on doing our best, so that the experience of those who visit us is unforgettable.

The week that is now ending was excellent, although the numbers as in previous weeks are not the same as in a river with some more water, the quality and size of the fish continues to surprise.
Congratulations Jason on the magnificent 20 lbs Peacock Bass.

Congratulations to all the other fishing friends (Nicholas,Ronald, Stephan,Marina,Bem,Salva,
Aleksandr,Sergey,Simon,Jason, Graeme), your photos demonstrate the quality and size of the fish caught and returned this week.

But, the highlights of this week are without a doubt spending some time with my brother Lance and his wife Kari, who is one of the partners of Água Boa Amazon Lodge, and the soul behind the place.

Thank you for your friendship and your support.
Another normal week for Água Boa standards, and perhaps extraordinary for general standards.

See you next week

Your Água Boa Team

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