On: December 25, 2023 In: Fishing Reports

Welcome friends of the Água Boa

It’s extraordinary when we see a family in tune, enjoying all the beauties of Água Boa.
When a child’s smile opens when they see their efforts rewarded with a beautiful specimen of Peacock Bass that will remain for posterity.
But it is even more comforting to know that new generations still enjoy fishing and delight in all its nuances.
It was a calm and fun week with friends.
Conversations thrown in the wind, smiles shared, but above all the lightness of unique moments.
And between these conversations and moments of relaxation, beautiful specimens of Peacock Bass, Red tail catfish, Payara, etc… once again delighted our friends.
As for fishing, nothing really new.
But on Thursday, heavy rain fell on Água Boa, like a Christmas miracle.
This made the river level rise a little, which for us is a blessing.
It’s just a few centimeters, but it changes the scenery a little.
Fish feel refreshed by changing water temperatures.
On a final note:
We want to wish all our friends and customers a Merry Christmas, may this be a time of family peace and relaxed smiles.
Again,a Merry Christmas from the entire Água Boa Amazon Lodge team.

Your Água Boa Team

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