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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

The sun was felt for another week, the grass was slowly losing its green color and taking on a straw tone.
The wind has been blowing with some intensity every day, and sometimes it puts our fishermen friends to the test.
Birds demonstrate their monotony as they hide in trees or walk on white sand beaches.

But if nature shows some monotony, fishing during the week was good.
If the numbers are not the same as when the river had a little more water, the quality and size remain very similar.

A good number of fish between 15 and 18 lbs are immortalized in photos.
Although conditions are currently at a low river level, fishing remains stable.
The variety of fish was also good,Red Tail catfish,Oscar,Arowana,Payara,

Black Piranha, Jacundá, Wolf fish, Bicuda, Dog fish, among others.
And what about the four Arapaimas captured and returned to nature with the greatest care.

Anyway, nothing new at Água Boa, other than the succession of new customers every week, some not so new, as they visit us successively each season.

Thanks Matt Canter for another great group: “Jeff,Wayne,Derrel,Josh,Alex”.
Thank you “Roger,Peter,Rip,Duper,Mark, Mike,Jim,Barry”.

It was a great week guys…
On a very special note, it was the week in which the tapirs and monkeys were in greater numbers, a wonderful sight of the surrounding nature.

See you next week

Your Água Boa Team

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