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Welcome friends of the Agua Boa


And so quickly, the first week of our season came to an end.

And once again we will start to be consequently repetitive in our blogs.

Because talking about the quality of fishing in Água Boa is an endless sequence of words to say just one thing.

The fishing is as wonderful as ever!

Frans Jansen brought us a very interesting group of people who certainly discovered all the wonders of our region, and the quality, as well as the ferocity of the Amazonian Tucunaré Peacock Bass.

The river level remained stable, even rising a little, which is very good for us.

The rain that visited us the previous week, in addition to refreshing the water, made the fish move a little more, which greatly pleased our friends and guests.

As always, the number of fish caught and returned exceeded the most optimistic expectations, and the number of fish over 10 lbs was simply extraordinary.

After 20 years of experience here on the Água Boa river, I am still surprised by what it offers us in terms of quality each week.

But the biggest attraction at the beginning of the season is undoubtedly the sight fishing, on the banks of shining white sand. The excitement of seeing a huge mouth and eyes full of ferocity, chasing the fly, is incomparable…

The number of species that are caught on the fly here also completely satisfies our customer friends.

We are talking about Arowana, Pacu, Matrinxã, Payara, among others, as well as some species of catfish that occasionally surprise our fishermen.

Not to mention Piranhas which are extremely beneficial to the fly shop business.

Anyway, what to say about the week that hasn’t already been said in previous seasons and weeks.

The Água Boa simply is the  Água Boa, mysterious and incomparable.

Thank you to all the guests who visited us this week, may the memories be eternal, as are the photos taken.


See you next time..


Your Água Boa Team

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