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Dear Peacock fans

As regularly as the sun that rises and sets each day, our fishermen friends each week create the fine artistry that only fishing with flies can produce.
Their skills are often rewarded with beautiful specimens of fish caught and this cycle repeats successively during each fishing day.
The water levels remained stable this week, which made a week of very good numbers of caught and released fish.
As for size, the number of fish between 10 and 18 lbs was most significant.
Congratulations Linda for that stunning fish of 18 lbs, and congratulations Gary for your,
no-less-extraordinary, 17 lb’er!
But what to say about Matt… He waited to the very last hour of the very last day of the fishing trip to land a 20.5 pounds peacock!
Simply magnificent!!
Congratulations and well done Matt!
As for the variety of fish captured by our fishermen friends, this week is no exception with far more than ‘just’ Tucunaré being landed…
Matrinchã, Óscar, Arowana, Traíra (Wolf Fish), one ‘little’ Arapaima, Piranhas, Payara, and others came to the fly and added to the excitement of each day!
As we can see, the sheer numbers of different species of fish that the Água Boa offers is truly exceptional.
This was a week where the sky remained most of the time partially covered with clouds, scattered as they were across the sky. The wind also blew for much of each day, making it sometimes more difficult to cast. However, such breezes do also carry a hidden advantage…they keep the no-see-ums away!
Still, one mustn’t underestimate that the little blighters can be around in annoying numbers during that last hour of the day, so bring good insect repellent!
Another important thing to have with you are finger protectors (Vet tape will do a good job on that), also a good pair of sun gloves is very important, so bring two pairs!
The month of January comes slowly to a close, and in these difficult and uncertain times, we at the Água Boa Amazon Lodge want to thank all our friends, new and old, who visited us and overcame all the challenges to fish with us here.

Your Água Boa Team


    • Snagly
    • February 11, 2022
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    I read elsewhere that there was a handsome fisherman from Singapore in residence that week, yet I don’t see any photos of him!

    • Much Photos Watch
    • March 10, 2022
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    How is the COVID situation over there?

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