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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

We did it!!…
Another season comes to an end, it wasn’t easy, as nothing is simple or easy here at Água Boa.
Despite the difficult conditions due to the water level that remained low throughout almost the entire season, and at times challenged the skills of our fishermen friends.

On the other hand it was a high level season in terms of quality, number, and size of fish captured and returned, as well as being generous in the number and size of Arapaimas that left many of our fishermen friends in ecstasy.

But before we finish, let’s talk about the last week.
The highlight was a large number of Payaras captured this week, as for Tucunarés, the same as always, reasonable numbers and some good-sized specimens, not to mention the Arapaimas that rewarded Diep and Art with a beautiful fight.

Thank you Landon,Diep,Art, Michael,Rex, Andrew for sharing the last week of the season with us.

The time has come to thank all the fishermen friends who honored us with their visit,the agents for the great work putting the groups of people together,to all the members of our team:

Alexandre ,Ronilson,Johne,
Raimundo,Juarez,and our guides:
Val, Lucas,Buiu,Caboclo,Bacaba, Daniel,Preto and Joseph,
for the hard work of each day, to satisfy and exceed the expectations of those who visit us.
To the two owners of the Lodge: Thank you Lance and Disney for the support and your love for the place.

Thanks to Dan Vermilion and Christina Grabowski at Sweetwater Travel ,for another great job.
We said goodbye for this season,with the certainty that the next one will be even better, and that the quality we have been providing to our visitors will be maintained and improved.

Yes, the fish of Água Boa will now have their deserved rest, waiting for the winter rains to cross freely between the trees of the forest, and in October they will be prepared and strengthened for the noble battle…or rather, the magical relationship between the fisherman and the fish.

And in my name “Carlos” thank you all for the support and the marvelous moments shared this season.

See you next season

Your Água Boa Team

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