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Dear peacock fans

This week we will reflect upon the difficult times that the fly-fishing world has been going through during the last 18 months.
The pandemic strongly affected sport-fishing, not only here at the Água Boa, but in almost every different part of the world, near and far.
The restrictions imposed by many governments, not always coherently and consistently, kept our friends and faithful clients away for quite some time.
The urge to visit our piece of paradise has been within each of them, but reality conspired to prevent them from achieving that desire.
We hope that, as the year 2022 now begins, it will prove to be the turning point, and finally people can return to their more normal lives.
We wish to salute all our friends in 2022, and we hope to share with them more beautiful experiences and glorious moments on this unparalleled river.
The fish of the Água Boa river are also looking forward to the return of our fishermen friends … they have certainly seemed eager to re-connect with our early season guests so far!
We will do our part here, so that good experiences become eternal memories.
May those who visit us forget their difficult times and experience again the essence of nature’s reality in this isolated little piece of heaven.

This week the river is dropping consistently, which leaves fishing better every day.

We hope that the New Year brings back a certain ‘normality’ to the fly fishing community and that all fly fishers will have the opportunity to carry-out their fishing trips wherever they may be.
We hope that the soul of every fisherman may recover its inner peace and may again be filled with the joy of casting the fly across the water.
Nothing compares with the image of a fish that moves voraciously toward the fly, so that the symbiotic relation between fish and fisherman is complete.
Here at the Água Boa Amazon Lodge we wish our friends, old and new, a 2022 full of good and joyful experiences. Enough to fulfil the dreams of every fisherman…
Lastly we would like to honour and salute one our greatest friends over the years… Taff Price, known to many as ‘the old man of the Agua Boa’. He finally got that free pass to fish the clearest waters for all eternity. Tight lines old man.

Happy New Year

Your Água Boa Team




    • MijnAutoOnderdelen.nl
    • January 08, 2022
    • Reply

    Great content! Keep up the good work!

    • Doug Jeffries
    • January 31, 2022
    • Reply

    Sad to read about Taff passing. His bird photography was amazing. RIP

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