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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

One of the biggest benefits of being at Água Boa is seeing friends made many seasons ago return each year.
Conversations resume where they left off, topics are renewed, but at the same time they remain in the past.

Ultimately, it’s a return to what has to be, the experience of extraordinary moments.
One of the things that attracts me most about our fishing friends is their sense of humor.
Among them I have to mention Bradley West, for his biting sense of humor, and his quick wit, it is always a pleasure to have his presence.

But we have to mention other no less important names: Matt Tofanelli, Linda and Rob Stiles, Steve and Edward Fabian, Scott Silvester and Brian McGeehan.
And in another no less extraordinary group, the “Salario” family and their friends, well represented by Greg Salario.

But enough about our friends, let’s talk about fishing during the week.
In reality, nothing has changed in this regard, the water level remains low, our fishermen friends are more physically demanding and their skills are often put to the test.

Each of them captured and returned specimens over 10 lbs.
Congratulations Linda on the extraordinary 20 lb Peacock Bass…

Congratulations Rob on the no less extraordinary 19 lb Peacock Bass.
In general congratulations to everyone who visited us this week,they all got good size fish (I’m talking about fish over 15lbs).

I’m sure no one left here disappointed.
On the contrary, their memories of words and images are expressed by the wide smile on each one’s face.
In fishing,some days are better than others,but all are better than a regular day with no fishing.

Every sunrise here at Água Boa is multi-colored, a fantastic image that is difficult to describe.
Each personality of the friends who visit us resembles the image of the rising sun, different every morning, but no less beautiful because of the differences.

See you next week

Your Água Boa Team

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