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Dear peacock fans

This time we bring together two weeks for our latest fishing report.
The first week of the year was extraordinary, not only for the high quality fishing, but above all for seeing Michael Fleisher and his son Nick back in perfect health.
His first visit was a bit hectic for health reasons, but all that was overcome and his second visit was rewarded with an extraordinary fishing trip not only in numbers but also in size.
Well done Michael and Nick.
It’s always a pleasure to share the week with you both.
The river is finally reaching its ideal level for fishing, the beaches are already visible and increasing in length and breadth every day.
This second week of the year history repeats itself, fishing remains at a high level, and the numbers of fish caught increase considerably, with the water lowering its level.
Sight-fishing is a constant now, and captivates all the fishermen who visit us.
And like the beaches that increase in size every day, nature and its inhabitants are also present in greater numbers and variety on the banks of our river.
We continue to recommend intermediate lines, also 40 and 50 pounds hard mono for tippet.
This does not stop our fishing friends from bringing the lines of their choice, this is just a recommendation based on effectiveness.
And so the days go by in this little piece of paradise… Experiences and dreams come true every day. Memories are created and stories are elaborated, based on the fishing experiences of our fishermen friends.
Água Boa Amazon Lodge every week, increasing its group of fans and satisfied guests.

Your Água Boa Team






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