On: January 20, 2024 In: Fishing Reports

Welcome friends of the Água Boa

Weeks and groups of fishermen follow one another, but nothing resembles the monotony here in Água Boa.
River conditions still very similar to previous weeks.
But fishing has remained within Água Boa standards.

Congratulations “Elmer” on the 20 lb Peacock Bass, congratulations “Scott” on the no less extraordinary 2 fish weighing 18 lbs.
Congratulations “Joel, Jim, Bret, Steve…” not only for the countless fish caught and returned (many over 15 lbs), but for all the moments in the pool sharing stories but above all musical experiences.

We discovered that Rock and roll is universal and is still very much alive in our generation.
The rains that have fallen on the crystal clear waters of Água Boa have not changed the water level, but have kept the temperature within a range where the Tucunarés feel comfortable.
Popper fishing has produced incredible moments for our fishermen, the feeling is of a certain magic that takes over the moment.

Words are insufficient to describe the moments, the landscapes, the people….Everything that the eyes see is more complete, color cannot be transmitted through words, but through them we can transmit dreams that the brain of each one read this text, rewrite and compose they’re own story.

Água Boa is the story of those who visit us, and the fantasy of those who want to visit us.

Your Água Boa Team

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