On: January 27, 2022 In: Fishing Reports

Dear Peacock fans

The days pass fast and turn into weeks, and another group of friends leaves the Água Boa with a glow in the eyes and a smile of satisfaction.
It may seem monotonous, but once again all expectations have been achieved. The number of fish above 10 lbs was extraordinary, with several specimens captured this week a little above 18 lbs.
What to say when all the action to capture such fish was premeditated and visualised … only possible due to the clear waters of the Água Boa River.
The golden beaches that every day emerge from the water are spreading and increasing their size. It is now normal to see fishermen walk on the sands. Hunters waiting for the right fish to cross… the water in front so as to finally….. create the fly-fish bond. A connection that will ultimately materialize into an unforgettable photo memory.

With the water becoming clearer, we advise our fishermen friends to bring flies between 3 and 4 inches, with colors including white to provide a contrast … But we also advise going for different experiences!At the moment top water poppers can produce moments of pure ecstasy, and unforgettable images.

Our special mention today goes to our friend Randy ….who contracted Covid and could not join us this week. We missed him and hope to have him with us in the near future … completely recovered.
Every colorful sunrise emerging on the waters, and each day of surprises and emotions is offered to our fishermen friends, and only the Água Boa can do it to perfection…

Your Água Boa Team



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