On: November 25, 2023 In: Fishing Reports
The days pass at their own pace, turn into weeks, and each week groups of fishermen follow one another.
As for the Água Boa River, beautiful as always…
Its golden beaches are shown in all their exuberance.
Wildlife mixes with human life, and a magical symbiosis blends with the greenery of the surrounding nature.
Guy Schoenborn (Fishing with Larry) brought an experienced group of anglers.
They all experienced the ferocity of the Água Boa Tucunarés, as well as other species of fish, such as:
Matrinxã, Wolf fish, Payara, Oscar, Piranha, etc…
To not forget the Arapaima got by Dave.
One of the great experiences of Água Boa is its diversity.
The week’s numbers were good, and the size was within expectations.
But with water levels below normal, lighter and smaller flies are more effective.
Colors with a white contrast and some flash seem to attract fish more easily.
Intermediate lines, or light sinking lines continue to be the choice, as well as floating lines, nothing like seeing a huge mouth trying to swallow a popper.
The speed of the line retriever is very important here, quick and long pulls keep the predator interested in the prey.
Our choice for tippet is 40 and 50 pound mono.
Fingers protection and gloves can be important too, but each angler has their own preferences for equipment and accessories.
It is extremely difficult, every week to present something new on our blogs, things happen within themselves, and the grid changes every week, it is exactly the people who visit us.
Fishing follows its own routine…
That’s life in Água Boa.
You Água Boa Team

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