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Dear Peacock fans

Words are small and insufficient to describe another magnificent week.
Despite the clouds that covered the sky for most of the week, and the rain that was felt on certain days, once again (and if we are repetitive, it is because we have to be) the fishing was very very good.
The water levels are now low and remain stable. The sight fishing is great for our beloved Tucunaré and navigation is ‘interesting’ (but a safe challenge)!
Our friend Matt (of Brookings Anglers), who has just visited us again with his group, (and this has been happening every season for the past six years!), leaves here this week as he always has, with lots of fish caught and then released, and with a very good number of fish over 14 lbs. The largest specimen this week was 19 lbs, and we had at least six to eight fantastic specimens of 17 lbs.
We can’t forget John and Tim, both first timers at the Água Boa, and for sure, new additions to our long list of friends.
Like Matt, we have numerous fishermen friends who visit us every season, some for over 12 years,
The reason for this loyalty?
The answer is very clear to me, but I’ll leave it to our future fishermen friends to discover for themselves the magic of that first glimpse… the day their eyes first gaze across the beauty of the Água Boa.
They will also find a willing team, ready to aid them in their quest for the legendary fish of our waters. Especially our fierce Peacock Bass.
Our visitors have become our family…
Walking along the golden beaches of the Água Boa River, with the water up to my knees, fishing rod in my hand, my eyes scanning the crystalline waters, a Peacock bass swims slowly across the sandy shoal!
I commence an exquisitely choreographed dance with my rod to bring my fly to land in front of his field of vision. The magic begins…
The rest!!…The rest are stories to tell at the dinner table, and in future conversations with friends.

Your Água Boa Team

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