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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

So,the first month of the year 2024 comes to an end.
The days have passed with impressive speed, just as impressive are the moments spent by our fishermen friends here at Água Boa.

There were several groups within a group, but like everything in the world of fly fishing, things fit together perfectly.
New friends were made and added to existing ones.
The fishing week was very good, a generous number of fish were caught and released by our visitors.

The size of these fish, perhaps is the question on the mind of those who read us…The largest specimen was 19 lbs, followed by many others in the “Tens”

But the most important thing of all is that each person who spent the week with us leaves here with the feeling of duty accomplished, and above all with a huge smile on their face. “Everything old and everything new“The slogan that best defines Água Boa.

As for the water level, nothing new to add.The lush beaches remain exposed, the days have been hot, but a breeze that sometimes makes fishing difficult due to its intensity, on the other hand alleviates the heat.

Sunscreen is essential, as is clothing that protects from the sun.As for lines and flies, the recommendation is the same as in previous posts.

Good quality glasses are essential at this time when sight fishing is available every day of fishing.
Till the next week.

Your Água Boa Team

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