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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

The year is approaching its end, and another week passed smoothly at Água Boa.
Nothing new, and everything new, these were the days of yet another group of fishermen who left us this Saturday.

We could repeat words already written in previous texts, because in reality things here are a new story, of a story already told.
All these words to say, that the fishing was standard Água Boa.

The Dunbar family and the Stone family accompanied us this Christmas week, as well as Toshi, a Japanese fisherman friend.
It was a Christmas of joy and a week of relaxation.
Special if between the guests are two members of the Wanderer family.

David and Jackson have been visiting for a long time,they are now our family.
We had some rain during the week, and we hope that the water level will rise a little, in any case the river still has its beaches exposed.

We still recommend intermediate as the main line, but other lines can be used depending on the place to fish.
We talk about sinking and floating lines.
Special attention to tippet, where 40 and 50 pounds are the recommendations.

We now want to wish a Happy New Year to all our fishermen friends, to all the people who have honored us with their presence over the years.

Happy New Year from the entire Água Boa team.

Your Água Boa Team

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