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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

The sun was present most days this week, but the rain also visited us, despite the river level remaining fairly low,but stable.
By this we mean that sight fishing continues to be the main attraction.
Another group faced the fish from Água Boa, and while on most days the fishermen had the upper hand, on another it was the fish that won the battle!
The fishing was good both in numbers and in size,and each of our fishing friends took photos of fish over 15 lbs.
The week was also abundant in numbers of species, with an emphasis on Payara and Pirarucu, 3 of which were captured and returned to their habitat.
On a special note, we want to make it clear that we are not especially a Pirarucu (Arapaima) fishing operation.  Whilst we do now often see one or two (or three!) Arapaima caught some weeks,we do not advise our clients to focus only on this specie, because frustration is usually what awaits the fisherman who chooses this type of search!
In any case, while fishing for the beautiful Tucunarés, we sometimes come across the unmistakable Pirarucu and that is when you might give yourself a few minutes to try and capture the monster from the river.
These fish attack the fly when they want or feel like it, there is no secret formula for fishing them, and no one has yet discovered the secret to successful fishing for this fish.
We just know that the line retrieve has to be very short and slow, and that’s all the information, the rest are crazy scenarios…
Once again, our thanks to Fishing with Larry for the partnership and another group that visited us and shared their experiences and stories.
With the water level remaining low for a long time, this demands a little more from the fisherman.
A better presentation of the fly and greater casting precision so that the fish does not get spooked.
There is no fisherman who doesn’t have in his memory that fish that crossed his field of vision, and that perfect cast where the fly lands close to the fish, then a mouth opens and swallows the fly… the rest are pure emotions…
The Água Boa river is full of these moments and emotions, which is what makes it unique.

Your Água Boa Team

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