On: March 7, 2022 In: Fishing Reports

Dear peacock fans

Days have passed into weeks and, as we now look back across all of the last months, another season approaches its end.
Despite all the issues that we initially encountered, and the problems of the world that previously conspired to keep our guests locked down at home, the quality of fishing in each and all of these weeks has been an absolute success.
Since it couldn’t be any different (!) this latest week ends with very good numbers of fish caught and returned. Also the specimen fish encountered by our guests just couldn’t have been better.
Craig posed for photos with a beautiful specimen of 21 lbs.
Furthermore, an exceptional number of fish of around 17 lbs also brought huge smiles to the faces of our fishermen friends.
Yes, size and numbers were both excellent.
On the other hand, the rain that was felt for a few days did make the water level rise a bit.
A week later and the water is still at a good level for fishing and has indeed now stabilised.
Mother nature is sovereign, and we simply accept and live with her changes, trying to make the best of every circumstance and moment.

Your Água Boa Team

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