On: February 3, 2024 In: Fishing Reports

Welcome friends of the Água Boa

With the river level low, and the beaches emerging like golden mountains among the waters, mountains that have been exposed for a long period of time.

By this we mean that today Água Boa demands more from its fishermen, a better fly presentation, and a longer cast.
But if the conditions are more difficult, the reward can also be more pleasurable.

It was a good week, a multi species week, a reasonable number of fish as well as the size as expected.
18 lbs was the largest specimen caught and returned.

Oscar,Arowana,Payara, Wolf fish, Bicuda, Dog fish, Piranha… Among other species that this week went for the fly.Congratulations Kyle for the beautiful Arapaima captured.

And for the extraordinary photo of a jaguar on the riverbank, certainly an unforgettable moment.

Nature showed itself with all its exuberance this week, in addition to an incredible Jaguar, many Monkeys, Giant Otters, Tapirs, Porpoises, and an endless number of birds of different species and sizes.

Anyway…it was just another week at Água Boa, and the photos of our guests will tell their story.

See you next week

Your Água Boa Team

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