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Dear Peacock fans

Not wishing to be repetitive, (but we will be… !)
Another week is behind us, and we are still often asked “what about the quality of the fishing?!”
Read on…!
Once again the numbers of fish caught were consistently good, and their size more than met the expectations of our fishermen friends.
The white sandy beaches keep increasing in size every day, and the water level keeps dropping, but at a slower pace now.
Despite the cloudy days during the week, the weather remained stable and we felt the Equatorial heat every day.
Again a wide variety of species of our indigenous fish were caught on the fly, including some good Payaras (vampire fish!).
The variety of fish that take the fly here is one of the many attractions of our river.
The number of fish between 10 and 18 lbs was, again, extraordinary this week.
Even more extraordinary though is that 90% of these fish were sighted by the fisherman before being caught. Sight fishing at its very best.
The emotion with which our fisherman friends recount these battles (often, long anticipated , and now finally realised), enlivens the dinner table each night.
Another group of friends now leaves our Água Boa with a smile on each of their faces and the strong desire to return.
Maybe they will finish unfinished battles, or will try to win those previously lost.
And everyone will carry forward the joy of battles won…
Intermediate lines are still the ones to bring down, but floating lines still work well too.
As for tippet, 40 or 50 lbs test are the best choices. Our fish are extremely tough and you will often need to muscle them out of structure to dominate them and bring them to the boat.
And make sure, that your flies are tied on good strong hooks. It would be tragic if, after an epic fight, you lose your fish because your hook has straightened!
That happens more than you think…!
Here in the beating heart of the Amazon…

See you soon!

Your Água Boa Team.

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