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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

And suddenly, the water opens in a whirlwind, and from it emerges the enraged monster… Another Pirarucu (Arapaima ) that presents itself to our fishermen friends.
And the week was full of these moments.
Many photos and videos were taken.
Six arapaima captured on the fly, and returned to their natural habitat, with a very special thank you for the beautiful fight and the beautiful photos that will remain as a memory.
But the number of Peacock Bass also did not disappoint!
Many specimens (more than 2,000) fish captured and released in the week, delighted our fishing friends.
As for the size of peacocks caught, it’s what Água Boa normally gives us every week.
Our biggest Peacock Bass of the week weighed 19 lbs, and many others were in the teens (more than 150 fish over 10 pounds).
Unparalleled fishing quality… these numbers may look absolutely crazy, but they are totally accurate.
It was also a week full of diversity in terms of species, we have already mentioned Pirarucu, many Payaras, some Red Tail and Surubim catfish, also Wolf fish, etc..
On the other hand, we had a week of cloudy skies most of the time, and on some days the rain visited us.
But not even the wet weather could take away the excitement of our fishermen friends.
And every morning they head to the dock with a look of a mission to accomplish.
And every evening when they return, the normal expression on their faces is one of deep satisfaction, and the feeling of duty fulfilled, but a duty that is nothing more than the release of emotions and the fulfillment of desires.
As the water level remains rather low, the sight fishing is still the choice, but in some deeper spots a heavy line works well too.
The waters of the Água Boa River surprise and reward us every week…
Its extraordinary aquatic life has already delighted,thousands of discerning fly-fishermen from around the world. We are certain it will continue to do so.
Come and share their joy!

Your Agua Boa Team!

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