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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

Another week is part of the history of Água Boa.
Another group of fishermen, who brightened our days, shared more than interesting stories every late afternoon in the pool.

Thank you John Herzer for another extraordinary group.
“Bill,Donna,Drew,Linda,John, Chris,Simon,Mike,Vik, Kelly, Jamie and Noelle”
It was a pleasure having you all at Água Boa.

The river dropped a little after last week’s torrential rain.
Sight fishing remains predominant and challenges the qualities of our fishing friends.
19 lbs was the biggest specimen this week, followed by 18 lbs, 17 and so……

While the number of fish caught and returned dropped a bit with the low water level, as for size, all of our friends caught several specimens over 10 lbs.
What can beat that, when almost all the fish were seen before they were caught.

Oscar,Payara,Wolf fish, Arowana,etc…This was a multi-species week,and that variety is one of the reasons that attracts our guests.

Once we get close to the end of the season,there is not much we can say that has not already been said.But the fishing is still remarkable at Água Boa.

See you next week

Your Água Boa Team

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