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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

In the crystal clear waters of Água Boa hides mystery, excitement, the diverse and the fantastic…
In the waters of Água Boa live the fierce Tucunarés and many other species, which have already made countless fishermen happy, and in the future will bring happiness to many others.

It was the week in which the New Year began, and we want to thank the group of fishermen friends who gave us the privilege of celebrating this date with us.
Keith,Will,Chris,Todd,Jake, Gilbert”,and many others who have done the same over the years.

To all of them a happy 2024.
In fact, a Happy 2024 to the entire fly fishing community.
As for the fishing week, it was a normal week.
Congratulations Gilbert on the 2 Arapaima, the 17.5 and 18 lb tucunarés.

Congratulations Keith on the 17.5 lbs.
And congratulations to all the other fishermen, who spent the day on the river along the week.
Everyone had their moments and their trophies.

Regarding the water level and despite last week’s rain, the river remains stable and the beaches remain exposed.
Sight fishing is still the predominant modality.

May 2024 be the year in which the call of the Água Boa River echoes in the hearts of all our fishermen friends, and may this call be about peace, joy and prosperity…

Your Água Boa Team

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