On: December 12, 2021 In: Fishing Reports

This was a week where Mother Nature was sovereign.

We had rain practically every day for at least some period of time.

Despite this, the fishing was more than satisfactory for our guests.

Whilst the numbers (for a few days) were not what we are generally used to, still and without a doubt, they were still very good compared with any of the other rivers in the region.

As for the size of fish caught, I think our guests left here pretty satisfied!

The number of fish above 10 lbs was good, with 18 lbs the biggest this week, but followed by 3 Tucunaré of 17 lbs and several others between 10 and 15 lbs.

Although the river rose just a little each day, we hope that very soon the weather will change and the sun returns to brighten our days….so we can remind our guests of the importance of using sunscreen!

I would like to thank the presence among us of a new representative for Yellow Dog, one of our agents, who, like all our agents, are an integral part of our operation.

We respect and appreciate all of them.

Jack Porter of Yellow Dog is now a new friend of the Água Boa, as well the other fishermen who shared the week with him.

And with the end of the year fast approaching, we hope that the river will reverse its tendency to gently rise, and soon start to drop … so that in the very near future, we can glimpse and delight in the incomparable beauty of the white sand beaches that characterize our river.

Nothing compares to the feeling of walking on white sand with a fly-rod in our hand, waiting for the Tucunaré to cross into our field of vision, then casting our line and finally feeling the ferocity of this fish when it attacks our fly ..

Thank you for sharing our fishing report. We want to bring you the magic of our special haven, here in the heart of the Amazon.


Until next week… tight lines.

Água Boa Team


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