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Welcome friends of the Água Boa


Another week comes to an end, and with it the feeling of duty is accomplished.

It was good to see and talk to Phill Lighty and John Holpuch, regular guests for as long as I can remember.

This is a time to thank all our friends and loyal customers, who honor us with their presence each season.

Our thanks to them and recognition of their importance to our operation.

As for the fishing, wonderful as always.

The week was fruitful with several fish over 17 lbs, which left ‘wear a tear’ marks on the equipment and smiles on the fishermen’s faces.

Tom Simms had the chance to experience the sensation of a brief fight with an Arapaima weighing approximately 200 lbs, and the disappointment of seeing his line break with the ferocity of the fish.

But the visual image and the feeling of having done everything possible remained.

The biggest fish of the week was around 20 lbs, but many between 15 and 19 lbs.

But as with everything in life, each day of fishing is different, and in some of them everything goes perfectly, while in others a greater effort is required to achieve a good result.

Sometimes the fish wins, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the fisherman.

This week the rain visited us again, and this has been very good for the water level, in addition to oxygenating it, it has prevented the river from dropping down too much.

The downside is that the No-See-Ums have returned, not in very large numbers, but more sensitive people may feel their presence.

Our role is to highlight the importance of repellent on the personal items of those who visit us.

As in nature, the sun sets and rises every morning, here at Água Boa every Saturday a new group arrives.

And if the faces of those who go carry smiles, … their bodies, show the tiredness of a week of extreme fishing.

The faces of those who have just arrived are full of hope, and their bodies are prepared for the challenge.


Life at Água Boa follows its path…


Your Água Boa Team

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