On: February 14, 2022 In: Fishing Reports

Dear peacock fans

How good it is to see friends that the pandemic somehow prevented from visiting us.
This was a week of memories, of retelling old stories and remembering unforgettable moments.

Água Boa continues its history of satisfying all our fishermen friends who visit us. Its waters are still populated by beautiful specimens of Tucunarés as well as other fish no less desirable to our fishermen friends.
It was an incredible week in both,numbers and size.

We don’t like to talk about numbers, but we can say that in a day of fishing, our guests count more fish than most other fishing operations count in a week.
Each day of this week the number of fish over 10 lbs was more than 8 per boat.
Several 18 lbs specimens filled our fisherman friends with pride, as well as filling the screens of their cameras.

We don’t see drastic changes in the short term, so the next few weeks will be very similar, only the faces of those who visit us change, and some are old friends that, each season, make us really happy with their presence.

Who reads what we write each week may find it has a lot of poetry, but:
“Fly fishing is simply pure poetry…”

Your Água Boa Team

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