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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

Every morning that the sun rises over the horizon, and its intoxicating colors spread across the forest, countless Tucunarés begin their daily movement, preparing for the clash with our fishermen friends.

But this peaceful clash unfolds with its own choreography, the winner is uncertain, or there is no winner or loser… Simply the magical symbiosis between fisherman and each of.

It was a week of big fish,our fishing friends captured fish over 17 lbs in photos.
Between 8 and 10 Peacock Bass over 15 lbs are part of the photographic and visual archive of each of our clients, which means more than 50 specimens over 15 lbs during the week.

Congratulations Joseph on the excellent specimen of Pirarucu, congratulations “Bill, Kevin,Tim,Tom, Joel and the Phil’s…….”for all the moments together at the pool,and the great sense of humor.
Jeff Vermilion,it’s always a pleasure to see you back as well as the friends that accompany you.

The river still dazzles with its exposed beaches, sight fishing is a constant, but other types of fishing are common too.
There’s nothing like a walk in the forest to find a boat on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees, and from there another fishing adventure.

All types of lines can be used in Água Boa, depending on the time and place to be fished.
Intermediate line is perhaps the predominant one now, but sinking line is essential for the large Peacock Bass that inhabit deeper lakes.

And nothing provides more visual pleasure than the attack of a Peacock Bass on the popper, so floating lines are the choice for these moments.
Tippet is something very important here, we recommend 40 and 50 lbs mono for its diameter.

As for flies, a variety of colors always with some white contrast and a little flash, but this does not prevent other experiments from being carried out.

Another excellent week at Água Boa

Your Água Boa Team

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