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Welcome friends of the Água Boa

And so suddenly there are only two weeks left until our fishing season ends.
It was not an easy season due to the low water levels that were felt for almost the entire season.
The fish helped a lot and left pleasant memories and excellent souvenir photos…

But the season is not over yet and until then we are focused on all our fishing friends who will still visit us.
And this week was somewhat different, we welcomed among us Paul Moseley, the man of Ruby Springs Lodge in Montana, who brought with him 13 other guests including guides and people associated with the lodge.

As in the previous week, the numbers were reasonable, and the size was within expectations.
Everyone took more than one photo with fish over 15 lbs, and we can say that the number of fish over 10 lbs was good.

As people linked to the world of sport fishing, our fishing friends this week were here to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Amazon, particularly the unique beauty of the Água Boa river.
Fred, Ed, John, Jackson, Henry, Joe, Jed, Jake, Sean, Ben,
David Thompson, David, Grey.
And thank you Paul for bringing all these new friends to us.

Some Payaras delighted our friends, as well as piranhas, Wolf fish,Oscar, etc…
Standard variety Água Boa as always.
Many people who read our blog each week probably wonder:
Why don’t they just tell you how many fish they caught and how big they were?…
Because for us at Água Boa, fishing has a different and broader meaning that goes far beyond numbers.

Yes, we are different, just like our fishermen friends are too.
Those who visit us know the reality of fishing here on the Água Boa River, and if they want to share the experiences, the numbers, they do so freely with those they know will understand and appreciate every word.

It’s not elitism, it’s simply a different way of seeing a sport called Fly fishing… Not better or worse, different.
Anyway, such equal days for such different memories.

It’s like this with each stunning sunrise, multiple colors that slowly mix to form a different, never-before-seen color, this is how the eyes marvel at this indescribable spectacle.
That’s what beauty is…Nature in its essence.

See you next wee

Your Água Boa Team

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