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Welcome friends of the Água Boa


This week, South Africa arrived with all its strength at Água Boa.

And there couldn’t have been  a better way to start the week.

First day and simply winning the rugby world championship.

Congratulations from us on the trophy achieved.

But bigger trophies emerged during the week, wonderful and colorful specimens of Tucunaré.

Its intoxicating colors remain engraved in the memory and delight the eyes.

It’s always nice to see couples sharing the same hobbies, if not fishing, then observing nature, more specifically birds.

As the river has its beaches exposed, animal life becomes more visible and produces fantastic photos.

As for the fish, we can say that the king of the waters has returned, finally the Arapaima made its presence felt, and put up a tough fight before posing for the photo,

Congratulations Jonathan…

The same Jonathan  managed to catch a  50 pounds  Red Tail catfish on the fly, and see a rare specimen of black jaguar in all its majesty.

What a day!!!…

The unusual Red Tail catfish also surprised our friend Phillippe, after a perfect cast, its mouth simply opened to suck in the fly…The rest is history, which the photos show with true resemblance.

Again, the numbers of fish caught and returned are unmatched in any river in Brazil and certainly very few in the world can compare to Água Boa.

As fishing is unpredictable, we can say that fishing days at Água Boa are full of action.

“The best fishing day of my life”

A phrase we hear very often, and most of the time it is renewed every day, because tomorrow will be better than today, and today was better than yesterday.

Fish over 14 lbs are common too, they may not be ‘river-monsters’, but who wants a single monster when you can have a good number of large fish during the fishing day.

18 lbs was the biggest of the week followed by many in the mid-teens  in a more than satisfactory amount.

Anyway, the fishing this week was fantastic once again.

With the water level slightly low, we continue to recommend intermediate and floating lines.

Flies without much weight, and with 4 inches on average.

Popper fishing has proven to be very effective, and produces fantastic visual images when the fish attacks.

The temperature has been quite high so we recommend wearing clothing with sun protection, and to cool down a little while fishing, there is nothing better than diving your body in the waters of the Água Boa.

Just keep an eye out for our resident wildlife!!


Your Água Boa Team

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